PA Cyber Library

No matter where you live PA Cyber is committed to provide its students free access to physical, audio and eBook content. Search today for a new book that will take you on an exciting adventure!

About the PA Cyber Library

PA Cyber offers collections of eBooks located in Sora along with physical books that can be reserved and US Mailed to each student from Midland. Students will have 14 days to enjoy their reserved books and return them by their due date with the post-paid envelope included in the original package. Enrich your child’s experience by engaging them in selecting books for research or simply for enjoyment.

Contact for support.

How the PA Cyber Library works.

Students have two ways to check out books.

  1. Reserve a physical book to receive by US Mail and return in a postage-paid envelope by the due date.
  2. Search for an e-book through OverDrive® and instantly read in a browser or download to any reading device.

Request for renewal or extension by emailing

How the PA Cyber Library helps.

  • Provide easy access to physical resources that improve their vocabulary.
  • Use your StudentID and password to read e-books anytime or anywhere.
  • Reading books encourages your child to use their imagination.
  • Enrich the learning experience by engaging students by choosing to leisurely read rather than any other activity.
Get Started
How to reserve a physical library book
Single Sign-On with Clever Search for a book

Quick Start Steps
  1. Go to Clever or locate Go to Clever on MySchool’s Dashboard. Login using your PA Cyber issued credentials.

  2. Select, the PA Cyber Online Library app.

  3. Search in the left corner of the page for a title, author or subject.

  4. Login using your PA Cyber issued credentials in the upper right corner of the Homepage to reserve a physical book & receive by US Mail within 5-7 days. Return the book(s) in the postage-paid envelope, place the item or items in the mail approximately TWO days prior to the due date.

  5. Locate the type of book on the right side of each results card. A physical book is noted with a book icon and an e-book is noted with an “e” icon.

  6. Click on the book title that is in red.

  7. Click on the Holdings tab. Look for the word, In. This indicates the book is available.

  8. Click on the Reserve button to confirm your request. Your book will arrive via US Mail in 5-7 days.

  9. Watch the video to learn how to reserve a physical library book.